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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Halon Recovery

Question: "Do I have to reclaim halon?" 

Response: Many international governments have already implemented to restrict the release of halon extinguishing agents. Similar legislation is imminent in other countries. Therefore, in addition to the ecological and economic issues associated with capturing and recycling extinguishing agents, there are also legal reasons to do so. 

Question: "Why can't I discharge my Halon 1301 extinguisher into a second pressure vessel, relieve any nitrogen, and then reuse that halon agent? Why go to the expense of using certified halon or in alternative  sending used halon to Halon Solutions for  recovery and reclaiming?" 

Response: Only very limited halocarbon leakage and / or loss to the atmosphere will be permitted in the future. Because of the high vapor pressure of Halon 1301, 30-50% of the agent charge can be lost during vessel to vessel transfer (attributed to the residual pressure ad cooling in the initial vessel following the transfer). Further the Halon which is reclaimed in the second pressure vessel is not necessarily D5632-95 ASTM Type 11 conforming halon. Nitrogen, water and other contaminants are often transferred during this process. Refrigeration recycling equipment also does not separate the nitrogen from the halon or filter the halon. 

Question: "What is the impact of using non-ISO 7201  reclaimed  Halon 1301?" 

Response: Contaminated halon may cause corrosion damage to the fire extinguisher vessel. Fire extinguishing properties may also be affected. (E.G. Freezing of nozzles) Plus, agent sizing criteria would have to be adjusted. 

Question:"Why does the rate of recovery of the system vary?" 

Response: The recovery rate varies as a function of the amount of halon to be reclaimed, the internal temperature and pressure of the extinguisher vessel, the pressure of the system "holding" tank, etc. This equates to a recovery rate range of four pounds per minute to six pounds per minute depending on the initial conditions. 

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