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Fm-200 fire extinguishing systems
At sea, safety requirements for ships are of the utmost importance. This also applies to fire protection measures. After all, in the event of fire, rapid escape is usually impossible and the prompt arrival of help from outside cannot be expected.

In light of the various types of fire risks which exist on board ships, specific solutions are ne cessary for the space or object to be protected in order to ensure optimal fire protection on board.

Areas that deserve special attention include machine rooms and rooms with electrical and electronic devices, such as control rooms and switch cabinets. In the event of a fire, the failure of machines or devices on board a ship at sea can have fatal consequences. In such risk areas, fire suppression systems must put out fires quickly and residue-free, in order to ensure that sensitive equipment is not damaged. 

If you’re building a new vessel or retrofitting a halon system on an existing one, the best fire protection decision you can make is to select a Gielle FM-200 Fire Suppression System.

Here’s why:

Life Safety. The FM-200 clean agent works by interrupting the fire on a molecular level, not by taking oxygen from the protected space. So it is the preferred fire suppression agent for protection of shipboard spaces where crew or other occupants may be present.

Marine Approvals. Gielle FM-200 Systems are approved for use in marine applications such as machinery spaces and flammable liquid storage areas by major regulatory agencies. 

Weight. Gielle FM-200 Systems weigh less than either carbon dioxide or water mist systems. So they provide more fuel-efficient solutions to shipboard fire protection.

Space. Gielle FM-200 Systems take up less space than other types of fire suppression systems. This means more room for revenue-generating cargo or passengers. 

General description
The Gielle FM-200 Marine System is a clean agent suppression system intended for use in total flooding applications on marine vessels. Its high-performance discharge capability is well suited to both Halon retrofit and large hazards. Whether you’re refitting an old halon system or building new, the Gielle Marine System is for you.

FM-200 Fire Suppression System are used to suppress fires in specific hazards or equipment where an electrically non-conductive agent is required, where agent cleanup creates a problem, where extinguishing capability with a low weight is desired and where the hazard is normally occupied

 Gielle FM-200 systems are intended to protect spaces containing the following hazards:
• Class A - surface type fires–wood or other cellulose type material
• Class B - flammable liquids
• Class C - energized electrical equipment 

The system offers versatile protection for small, medium and large shipboard applications including machinery spaces. 

Fm-200 extinguishing agent
FM-200 (1,1,1,2,3,3,3 - heptafluoropropane) is a compound of carbon, fluorine and hydrogen (CF3CHFCF3). It is colorless, odorless and electrically non-conductive. 

It suppresses fire by a combination of chemical and physical mechanisms without affecting the available oxygen. This allows personnel to see and breathe, permitting them to leave the fire area safely.

Unnecessary exposure to FM-200 or any clean agent should be avoided per marine regulations. In the very unlikely instance where a discharge occurs in an occupied space, personnel will be able to see and breathe, permitting them to leave the area safely.  As such, the system is authorized for use in normally occupied spaces.

FM-200 has acceptable toxicity for use in occupied spaces when agent concentration is in accordance with NFPA 2001, and the applicable rules of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and US Coast Guard.

Fm-200 system hardware
FM-200 is stored in steel cylinders superpressurized with nitrogen to 360 psig. The cylinder valve assembly is equipped with a supervisory pressure switch connection for monitoring cylinder pressure. A pressure gauge and a safety disc are fitted to the valve in accordance with DOT requirements.

Other system components include mounting brackets, control heads, pull stations, pilot cylinders, flex hoses, discharge delays, sirens, check valves, nozzles, etc. System controls can be configured to comply with all marine regulatory requirements. 

Flexible Storage Location: Gielle Marine System cylinders can be stored further away from the hazard being protected, providing increased flexibility when choosing container storage location.

FM-200 piping design is accomplished with Gielle flow calculation software which performs the complex flow calculations necessary to maximize agent distribution with a discharge time of ten seconds or less.

Replacing halon with fm-200

Halon 1301 Drop-In: The combination of the aforementioned features allows the system to be used as a virtual “drop-in” replacement for existing halon installations. Most changes are limited to agent storage cylinder and nozzle replacement.

The Gielle Marine System is the most optioned system as a Halon replacement system. Often, the system can be dropped into existing pipework reducing retrofit time and costs.

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